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For too long the roles of women and marginalised people have been played down, distorted and erased from our histories. We take a look at the writers that have fought back against this erasure, writing novels that speak to the lived experiences of women in history around the world. Join AK Blakemore, Rosanna Amaka and Winnie M Li in conversation with Rose Tomaszewska as they explore the power of feminist histories.

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Brighton Book Festival is delighted to partner with LDComics on this evening of fascinating talks with LDC Director Dr Nicola Streeten and guest speakers from around the world. Everyone is welcome, including those with no knowledge of comics and those already immersed.

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Join Erin James in conversation with Penny Batchelor, Elizabeth Chakrabarty and Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan, three incredible authors who are using their writing to challenge societal norms and prejudices and call for vital systemic change.

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Feminist Histories
Protest in the pages

Friday 24th June

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Launch Party

A taster of what we have to look forward to over the weekend with readings from established and new authors hosted by our brilliant Writer in Residence Dorothy Koomson and the dynamic Juno Dawson.

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Saturday 25th June

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Famiy Festival

Join us for a fun filled morning. We will be creating the Brighton Book Festival Mural with the Afrori Books Craft team, our resident illustrator and all of our children visitors. We have our very own poet on the sofa, helping you create your own poetry, authors doing readings and answering questions and a hair education session where you can get advice about caring for the hair of children who have mixed or black heritage. With competitions, giveaways and prizes, it's a family celebration not to be missed!

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Graphic Novels

An interactive workshop led by visual artist and graphic novelist Sabba Khan. The participants will be introduced to a broad range of autobio comics and sequential art. We will then let loose and experiment with ways of combining literature and art to tell our own co-created visual stories. Participants will then be invited to each draw one ‘square’ of a storyboard outlined by the workshop leaders to celebrate the festival. These will be collated and finished together to be revealed on the last day of the festival. 

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Ties That Bind

Join us as we hear from collectives whose books have evolved out of their organizing. We’ll explore how, as people of colour in the UK, the struggles of our past have shaped our present and futures. How can we dismantle structures of oppression while building safer, stronger communities together?

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Lyrics and Lines

Over 20 students at DV8 college were given the book Witches Steeped in Gold and ask to create a composition for a particular part of the book. Here at this unique event you will have the opportunity to hear the results as the author Ciannon Smart reads excerpts with the music accompanying her. You can also hear Ciannon chat about her newly published sequel to this highly acclaimed YA book.

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Feminist Futures

With increasing division within the movement and in the face of set backs around the world Is the feminist movement in crisis? What does feminism mean today and what purpose does this movement serve? What is the role of literature in helping us to envisage feminist futures? Join Lynne Segal and Sheena Patel in conversation with Laila Woozeer as they explore these questions and discuss how they use their writing to challenge prevailing narratives and to re-imagine what feminism means and looks like for future generations.

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British Culture

In 2004 Andrea Levy’s masterpiece Small Island was published. The book won numerous awards, was made into a play and shot Levy to fame. Levy passed away in 2019 but her book continues to have impact as it explores topics related to British Jamaicans and how they negotiate racial, cultural and national identities. Selected as a book on the Big Jubilee read it is time to look again at the book, what it is to be British and the influence the book has had on other authors' lives.

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Sunday 26th June


Ever wanted to join a bookclub, but could never quite find the time? Have you got a book you would love to chat about? Or an excerpt from a book that you would love to share? This is the place. Find a table, pull up a chair and join our book brunch pop up book club/readers groups. With tables to cater for all age groups and authors and bookstagrammers galore there is a space for everyone here.

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Emma Topping  is a book option specialist and a builder of franchises, with nearly 25 years of entertainment experience variously as Lawyer, Agent, Creative and Studio, Stage and Publishing Executive. Emma will host a workshop that pulls back the curtain to reveal the process behind optioning a book from development to franchise. Your combined ticket gives you access to this remarkable workshop with Emma and a special screening of PRECIOUS.

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With so many books hitting the shelves every single week how can you possibly choose what heads to the top of your TBR? Fear not, we've got you covered. Our fabulous panel are here to share all their hottest tips for 2022 including: personal highlights so far, most anticipated releases, unexpected gems and books to make you laugh, think and cry. Covering children's to YA through to adult fiction and non-fiction they are sure to help you find a book you can't wait to get your hands on!

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Expectations about masculinity have been changing a lot in the last few years and we all know what it means - or do we? What does masculinity look like in literature? Is there room for traditional masculinity? Join Afrori Books in conversation with Guvna B and Amen Alonge as they explore these questions and tell us about how ideas around masculinity have influenced their experiences.

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We are thrilled to be heading to the newly refurbished theatre at The Actors Pub (formerly The Marlborough Pub and Theatre) to explore the role of Brighton's queer culture in literature. Fox Fisher will be talking to Alison Rumfitt and Tanya Byrne about what Brighton as a setting means to them and how it has influenced and featured in their work before hosting an interactive Q&A session.

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At the Brighton Book Festival finale our wonderful Writer in Residence Dorothy Koomson will be talking to bestselling author Saima Mir and former superintendent in the Metropolitan police Leroy Logan about their relationship with the idea of the 'mainstream'. They will be examining their paths to mainstream success while at the same time asking what exactly is 'the mainstream', and if we start to dismantle this idea what will take its place?

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Where do you go when you have finished your masterpiece? Who do you give it to? How do you get your manuscript to the top of the pile? Dorothy knows the ups and downs of the industry all too well, as the author of 18 bestsellers and host of highly acclaimed podcast The Happy Author guiding listeners through her life in publishing. If you are an established, budding or procrastinating writer then this is the place for you to get stuck in and take your project to the next place.

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