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Brighton Book Festival is a community interest company where we  seek to amplify a wide spectrum of voices, connect readers and authors in new ways, and promote compelling and challenging writing, with special attention to work that engages with pressing social issues or that might otherwise be excluded or marginalised. 

We need your support more than ever to make sure we can provide a festival that is accessible to all. 

If you would like to support us, find out the different ways you can below!

Make a Donation

If you are able to support us through a one-off donation, this will help us to pay authors and go towards the running costs of the festival.

Give a one-off donation, perhaps towards:

  • A specific event

  • An author's speaking fee 

  • Venue Hire

  • Programme printing 

  • Merchandise

  • BSL Interpreter 

Partner with Us

We are looking for like-minded businesses and organisations to help us put on this festival and ensure that it is accessible.


We need partners for:

  • Sponsorship

  • Catering

  • PR and Media

Please get in touch with us here if you would like to partner with us. 


We need amazing volunteers to help us run the festival. Volunteers will be a vital part of our Festival, assisting ensuring the smooth-running of the events


If you would like to be part of the festival please click the button below to fill out the volunteer form. 

More ways to support

There are many ways that you can help to support the festival and make it accessible to all:

  • Sign up to our mailing list

  • Follow us on social media

  • Spread the word!

  • Buy an early bird ticket for the festival

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